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Ladies and gents, I want to apologize. It seems that any flight I take is inevitably delayed for an asinine amount of time. So, if you see me in your waiting area, I’m sorry but it is most definitely a bad omen.

Since this amazing airline merger where all the major companies whittled themselves down to about three carriers customer service has dropped while prices have soared.

It’s crazy that no matter who I fly with - United, Delta or American- I am always left twiddling my thumbs in some terminal for hours on end.

I literally arrived at home on Sunday night at 2:30 am due to delay after delay from United. A few weeks ago I had to cancel every appointment I had made for a Friday afternoon because Delta had a three hour delay as they had forgotten to schedule a flight crew. I may have a degree in fashion but I think I could run these airlines with greater ease than any CEO right now.

It may be unladylike to say but going forward could you all please get your shit together? Thanks.

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